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Serafin is FOR YOU

For your

Manage your teeth healthy during orthodontic treatment with SERAFIN.

With the removable SERAFIN, you can keep oral cavity clean even during orthodontic treatment.

Problems with the conventional orthodontic method are reduced, such as food that
keeps getting caught in the bracket and the discomfort caused by gums that have been pierced by wires.

For your

Take your bright and healthy smile back with SERAFIN.

A more reliable clear aligner-SERAFIN made and produced by orthodontists. Smile broadly with SERAFIN.

For your

Show up pride with SERAFIN.

If you usually cover your mouth and smile without confidence, try creating a bright and confident smile with SERAFIN.

As the smile changes, you can feel the change in your usual self.

For everyday

Enjoy undisturbed everyday life

The clear aligners are barely noticeable while wearing, and you do not feel any
discomfort during various activities such as enjoying a variety of foods,
important meetings and events, and vigorous exercise.

Enjoy the pleasure of everyday life with SERAFIN.


Feel ease with SERAFIN.

According to your doctor's treatment plan, you only need to visit the dentist once
every 2 to 3 months to check the status of your orthodontics while wearing a
new clear aligner about every 5 to 10 days.


Experience innovative 3D technology with SERAFIN.

Serafin manufactures customized clear aligner for each individual
with its in-house developed technology and software.

With innovative 3D technology, you can make an accurate patient's
orthodontic treatment plan to improve the completion of treatment.